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Rainbow Candy is the bestselling flavour to infuse all desserts, drinks, cocktails and dishes with a sweet and airy taste. 


The Infusion Max brand offers industry leading quality products for the preparation of a variety of desserts, drinks, cocktails and dishes, ranging from classic whipped cream to rapid infused flavours! Try Rainbow Candy Flavoured Infusion Max today!




  • 580g/1L size (approx. 75 standard cream chargers)
  • 1 plastic release nozzle for disposal


Each box has 6 x 1L canisters

Minimum order is 5 boxes (30 canisters)

INFUSIONWHIP RAINBOW CANDY 1L - 5 boxes (30 canisters)

  • Please dispose of empty canisters carefully. To ensure it is completely empty, a plastic release valve is included.

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